Family Photography Portfolio

Family sessions are amongst my favourite to capture and they come in so any forms, from single parent families to nuclear and blended or step families to extended family and multigenerational groupings. I customise each session to accommodate the needs, dynamics and interests of each family and my shoots are a combination of gently guided posing and candid moments interspersed with nature play and exploring the forest. Families often say to me afterwards how relaxing and enjoyable the experience was and that their children talk about the fun they had for days afterwards.

Family of four photographed cuddling on a log in the forest in Melbourne
Family of three under an oak tree with sun flare in Melbourne
Parents and adult children photoshoot in Melbourne forest
Family of four and their dog photographed in Melbourne's Dandenongs
Extended family with their dogs walking along roadway in Gembrook while holding umbrellas
Blended family with teenage sons photographed at Emerald Victoria
Father and daughter photographed gazing at each other in the forest in Melbourne
Extended family photoshoot in Melbourne's Dandenongs
Family of four in rotunda looking over ledge
Mother and toddler son photos in Dandenongs

"Kate truly captured the essence and magic of each member of my family and guided us through such an enriching family experience. We have a special needs son who has sensory and communication issues, and Kate was so prepared and patient with him, and through her lens and expertise she translated and expressed his unique personality and energy in these stunning photos. Thank you Kate for treasuring and seeing my family in the same way I do – I will keep these memories and photos forever."