Couple images can be taken as part of family shoot or as their own stand-alone session and if you are recently engaged or celebrating a milestone anniversary we will be certain to include images that highlight engagement and/or wedding rings. Many of the locations I shoot at are a good distance from any roadways so children can safely explore and play while I photograph mum and dad together and I have even been known to photograph parents with their toddlers clinging to my legs or seated in my lap because I think couple photos are that important.

Couple kissing and cuddling in forest in Sassafras
Closeup portrait of husband and wife in wedding style clothing in Melbourne
Close up on engagement ring during couple photoshoot in Melbourne
Husband and wife walking along and laughing in Melbourne during professional photoshoot
Couple with sun behind in forest in Selby
Couple laughing in forest in Cockatoo while piggy backing
Couple laughing in forest in Melbourne
Couple in forest in Melbourne photographed looking at each other
Couple in park gazing at each other in Melbourne
Middle aged couple sitting on mossy steps in Melbourne's Dandenongs
Couple walking along forest path in Selby during photoshoot
Couple laughing in forest in Cockatoo
Husband and wife laughing in Melbourne park during formal photoshoot
Close up of couple's wedding rings in Melbourne
Couple smiling at each other in forest in Dandenongs with ferns behind