Small Business and Personal Branding

When I became a professional photographer I didn't envisage I would be asked to photograph small business and personal branding sessions but to my surprise I was. I really enjoy the collaborative nature of these shoots and that each is so different to the next. As a small business owner myself I find it especially rewarding to work with individuals to create images that support their branding and business goals. All small business and personal branding clients receive permission to utilise their images for both personal and commercial purposes.

Blonde businesswoman staring at view in Gembrook
Singer in blue hat impersonating Betty Boop in Melbourne
Businessman in office in Melbourne headshot session
Woman in the forest with her back to the camera throwing her arms wide
Arborist using a chainsaw in Dandenongs
Woman in purple top clutching her acoustic guitar at Alfred Nichols Garden
Woman in blue coat walking along path at sunset in Melbourne
Woman in forest extending her hand back to towards the camera
Two businesswoman in black and white at Olinda
Woman in the forest in Melbourne during headshot photoshoot
Artistic photo of singer with her guitar in nature in Melbourne
Lactation consultant doing an in-home appointment
Woman in the forest leaning against her massage table
Blonde nurse photographed outdoors in Melbourne
Female arborist crouched down on the ground