I absolutely hate it when any part of the experience of having professional photos taken is negative for my clients. In early 2021 I had a client contact me extremely upset after she printed photos at Kmart and they came out blurry and pixelated. She knew it wasn't my images as she could see just how clear and sharp they are on the screen but it still bought a downer to what had been a great experience to date. This situation immediately saw me want to ensure others didn't have the same experience. I already had prints from my professional lab, Atkins Pro, so I went and got samples done at retail outlets Officeworks and Kmart. I then filmed the below video to provide a comparison of the prints and their quality. At the time I shared it on my business social media pages but thought it was important enough to reshare it here.

Kate Cashin is a family photographer based in the Dandenong Ranges outside of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

She specialises in nature sessions and forest adventures with the motto "Play. Move. Explore.".