Autumn Update

29th APRIL 2022

Please note that these images are indicative only.

For portraits things such as signs, bins, guide posts etc... will be removed from images.

Alfred Nicholas Gardens, Sherbrooke

For this option we would be required to start at 9am before it gets busy.

If you wish to include these areas at the top of the property as as well as the iconic boathouse area please be advised that it is a steep walk down to the boathouse which is not yet in full Autumn colour. For those wishing to have only the boathouse it can be accessed via a sidegate which avoids the steep walk.

Rhododendron Garden, Olinda

These gardens open to the public at 10am each day.

I did not go in today and just took these photos from the side street as I was there a touch too early.

RJ Hamer Arboretum, Olinda

This spot is largely closed off at the moment as they are doing storm recovery works until 6th May but the areas in these images are accessible. The area with the views north across the Yarra Valley is currently unavailable.

Pirianda Gardens, Olinda

Pirianda is extremely steep so is best suited to small family sessions and not extended family groups.

Nobelius Heritage Park, Emerald

Nobelius is on its way but not yet at its full colours, being lower down the mountain.

Abandoned Golf Course, Emerald

I have not photographed a full session at this location but frequently go there with my children and just thought I would include it as I feel it has massive potential.